A charro attempts to flip a steer onto its back during a coleadero competition at the Gran Jaripeo at the Southwest Washington Fairgrounds in Chehalis, Wash. on Sunday, Sept. 1, 2013. Over a thousand people attended the Gran Jaripeo at the fairgrounds on Sunday which featured bull riding, horse dancing and the coleadero, which is an event in which horse riders chase down a steer at high speed in an attempt to grab its tale and flip it on to its back. 
 W.F. West's Drew Alexander battles Tillamook's Leo Morales at 160-pounds during the Bearcat Invite on Saturday, Jan. 10, 2015 in Chehalis, Wash. 
Darin Harris
Ice Cream Lady
 Centralia College drama professor Brian Tyrrell, center, looks on as his daughter, Megan Tyrrell, the lead of the play, greet Jack Arend, on the first day of rehearsal for "Once on This Island" on Monday, April 4. "The first rehearsal is like the first day of school," said Brian Tyrrell. "It's all about introductions to the world of the play. It's one of the coolest things about the theatre."
 With her Taser in hand, Lewis County Sheriff's Deputy Sue Shannon peeks inside a window in the back of a house in Morton to see if anyone is moving around as Morton police officer Perry Royale works the front side of the house in an attempt to make contact with a man wanted on a warrant. Shannon explained that the house, which is technically empty, is often where a known group of drug users congregate. When things slow down for Shannon, she always does her best to help officer Royale. When he needs back up while searching for wanted criminals, Shannon is always ready to assist. "We take care of each other," said officer Royale, who, even off the job, has helped Shannon with repair projects at her house.